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A Specialist mortgage is quite a broad term that can contain a lot of different categories. Unconventional property, income deriving through a combination of regular overtime, bonuses or commission, or even something as simple as a government scheme like help to buy or right to buy mortgage, getting approved for these kinds of mortgages can be tricky, especially if you don’t know much about the industry. The good news? we are able to help!

As specialist mortgage brokers, we have access to the whole of the UK’s regulated mortgage market, amongst the well-known Highstreet banks and building societies are masses of smaller specialist lenders, who unlike the big Highstreet names, will assess your application on an individual basis, in order to determine your mortgage eligibility.

Our expert mortgage advisors will take the time required to fully understand your personal needs and buying situation because it will give us the information required to find the best mortgage deal available for your individual circumstances.

The reason we do this is because standard Highstreet lenders will normally take the straight forward mortgages, offering the best available rates, because they know that they can build up a large volume of clientele, anything that is a little different or unconventional will fall into one of two categories, either a straight decline or an extremely high rate, they don’t need to deal with the weird and wonderful cases. If they do pick up the case, the higher rate makes it worth their time and ultimately worth the risk.

Our fact find and research will allow us to source a pool of lenders who have criteria that exactly matches your circumstance, once we have got to this stage, we are able to source the best product from these lenders that match your specifications, such as the lowest term, best rate or lowest monthly payment.

To ensure your specialist mortgage application completes smoothly, we also handle the entire process for you; managing all of the necessary paperwork and liaising with all the relevant parties, securing your mortgage offer, progressing the exchange of contracts and finally updating you with news of your mortgage completion.

So, if you require a non-standard mortgage, whatever your circumstances, we can help by offering completely free upfront advice and searching over 100 lenders for the best available deal. Give us a call today and explore all of your available options.

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