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Large mortgage loans

Whether you’re a first-time buyer looking for a great deal, or an experienced property investor seeking competitive rates, our team can help you find a large mortgage to suit your circumstances.

Lender criteria is often flexible for larger mortgage loans, which are typically considered to be worth over £1million. However, that’s not to say you won’t face challenges at the application stage, this comes down to how underwriting works.

At the larger High street banks, cases are no longer just manually underwritten, this is due to the sheer volume of applications they receive, it would be too expensive and time-intense to review each case by hand. Instead, they have initial checks carried out by algorithms, once a case jumps through all of the technical hoops, it’ll finally reach a human’s desk, where it is checked the old-fashioned way.

The two main problems that you’ll find with large loan mortgages is they do not fit the standard customer profile; this can be made worse when you chuck something like complex income structure or a unique buying situation into the mix; your case can be thrown out before it even reaches a desk.

The other issue is linked to timescales, if your case does reach an underwriter, providing documents and keeping on top of the lender is a full-time job in itself. It’s not uncommon for you to upload a document, wait for ages for it to be assessed, and find out they still require further information. The reason? Large loans are risky for lenders, that’s a lot of eggs in one basket, because of this they require extremely specific documents to approve your case and mitigate the risk.

Having a mortgage advisor guide you through every stage of the process is a massive benefit to high net worth individuals, who want to make sure they are not faced with any unexpected hurdles, as they prepare to finance the property of their dreams. Our expert knowledge and extensive market research will allow us to pinpoint your application to a specific lender, paired with our dedicated mortgage teams we are able to monitor and keep on top of your application, calling you with a weekly update and letting you know how everything is progressing.

CLS Money not only understands the large mortgage market, but we also have access to a wide network of private lenders. Unlike many of the High Street names, these companies have the underwriting expertise to offer big mortgages to borrowers, without any unnecessary delays. When time is of the essence and exchange needs to happen quickly, this is an element of our service that proves to be invaluable to clients. We also know exactly how to present your case to these specialist lenders, to maximise your chances of being accepted for a large mortgage loan.

Explore all the property financing options that are available to you. Contact CLS Money to discuss your large mortgage requirements in detail with one of our knowledgeable advisors.

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Mortgages that suit you

Mortgages that suit you

No matter your circumstances, we are here to get the right mortgage for you.

Appointments at your convenience

Appointments at your convenience

We can meet you seven days a week from 8am to 8pm at a place that suits you, whether it be at your home, place of work or our offices.

Free of charge, no obligation advice

Free of charge, no obligation advice

Our advice is completely free and there is no obligation to proceed with us if you are not entirely satisfied with the mortgages we recommend

At your side

At your side

We handle the entire mortgage application process through to completion, liaising with your lender, solicitor and estate agent to deliver a smooth, stress-free experience

With you all the way

With you all the way

As a responsible broker, we want your mortgage to always be the best fit for you. So when it's time to review it, we will be here to help.

Protecting what matters most

Protecting what matters most

We provide tailored life and home insurance solutions, so you can be assured that your loved ones and possessions are protected.

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