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How to get a mortgage with complex income

Earn your income through a combination of regular overtime, bonuses, commissions, stocks and shares or pensions? Proving your total pay can be difficult. But, complex income mortgages are possible and we can help!

Getting a mortgage with a new job

Got a new job? Getting a mortgage with a new job is possible. But, some mortgage lenders will consider you a risk, if you don’t pass your probation period or are made redundant and are therefore unable to afford your mortgage repayments,. However, there are lenders who will be happy to lend to you and we can help!

Getting a mortgage after divorce

There is always a lot to consider when going through a divorce, and deciding what’s best to do with your home can be tricky. If you are worried about your chances of getting a mortgage after divorce, don’t fear! There are options available and here’s what you can do.

How to pay off your mortgage faster

Looking to reduce your monthly mortgage repayments or overall debt? We have compiled a few handy tips, which could make a big difference to your finances and help you pay off your mortgage faster!

Getting on the property ladder

Raising a mortgage deposit to buy a home can be a struggle. But, your parents, relatives or close friends could help you and here’s how.

Bridging loans for homes

Looking for a speedy, short-term financial solution to complete the purchase of a new property? Bridging finance could be the answer!